Trying out python, ruby and c

So this week on the agenda, was to try out at least three programming languages and make “Hello World” -programs with them.

I chose Python, Ruby and C because they are the programming languages I’m most interested in learning more about, and they can be used for a variety of different things. They’re simple and versatile.




I first made sure I had Ruby installed by using the command which ruby. It showed me the path where Ruby was installed. I could then use the command ruby -v to find out what version I had and the command sudo apt-get install ruby-full to upgrade it to the latest release.


I installed C programming language with the command sudo apt-get install build-essentials.

Then I wrote up the code in the programming language editor, saved and used another command in the command line to compile it.



Linux Course by Tero Karvinen

Python tutorial

Digital Ocean, Ruby tutorial

C tutorial

Installing Ruby

Compiling C program


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