Getting started with Virtual servers

Configuring Apache

I edited the apache2.conf file to have the default directory for the webserver be the www-folder in my user account home directory.
I then created said folder using mkdir /home/reija/www (www being the new folder) and restarted apache to reload configuration using sudo systemctl restart apache2.service.
This allows the user account to create web pages and the server to default into using the index.html file in that folder as the home page for Apache localhost.


Break in attempts

I went to look at the auth.log file for any break in attempts. I used the command tail -f auth.log to have access for real time statistics. As pictured below, there were some attempts.


I pinged some of the IP addresses and got a pretty huge latency, some 224 seconds per ping, which indicates a pretty long distance.

Copying files with scp

I copied some of the web pages I made in a previous exercise to my virtual server using scp command:
peippo@peippo-E6400:~$ sudo scp -r /var/www/html/*

PHP Web page

I installed php using command: apt-get -y install php7.0 libapache2-mod-php7.0
I then made a simple .php web page, but while testing it I started to get the 403 Error message, saying I didn’t have access to my web server.
So this task was left unfinished and I will have to look into how to fix it.


Linux Course by Tero Karvinen

Scp Tutorial

Installing LAMP

PHP tutorial


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