Getting comfortable with Command line

Analyzing auth.log information

So I’m analyzing my auth.log which basically logs authentication information, refusals from the system when I tried to give out commands I didn’t have permissions for and approved commands when I used my admin privileges.

I actually did the failed attempt by accident because I tried to install updates and new programs and forgot to use the sudo-command.
Of course I was not allowed to do this and after I the same command as admin, it worked which then showed up in the auth.log.


The apt-get command of my dreams

I already have all of these programs installed, because I tend to use them on a daily basis almost. But were I to put together a new Linux machine this is what I’d do. First of all it would most likely be on the Debian family,  probably Ubuntu, because I really like that OS a lot.

The command: apt-get update && apt-get install kdenlive vlc inkscape gimp audacity brave

This way I can get updates and installations done in a single command and no fuss.

Terminal programs

For software that can be accessed and operated from the command line, I installed Weechat, Curl and Htop.
Weechat is an irc client and after tinkering in there for a few minutes I found it was pretty easy to set up favorite serves and auto-connect to channels.

Htop allows you to oversee running operations and see how much of tax any given program is having on the cpu.
I liked that it is color coded and very easy to analyze what’s going on at any given time.

Curl is a file sharing program. You can use it to transfer files between computers. I actually don’t like to use it. I’ve tried to tinker with it before, but if I’m being frank I prefer using FileZilla.



Linux Course by Tero Karvinen

Command line basics

Commands for Admin


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