Getting started with Virtual servers

Configuring Apache I edited the apache2.conf file to have the default directory for the webserver be the www-folder in my user account home directory. I then created said folder using mkdir /home/reija/www (www being the new folder) and restarted apache to reload configuration using sudo systemctl restart apache2.service. This allows the user account to create […]

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Learning Apache

Installing Apache I already had Apache installed, but to install it use command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install apache2 I checked localhost on my web browser and Apache is working and operational. Next I did an example web page using nano. Surfing my Web pages I made a number of example web pages […]

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Getting comfortable with Command line

Analyzing auth.log information So I’m analyzing my auth.log which basically logs authentication information, refusals from the system when I tried to give out commands I didn’t have permissions for and approved commands when I used my admin privileges. I actually did the failed attempt by accident because I tried to install updates and new programs […]

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